Volunteering in Egypt: Towards a Paradigm Shift

Volunteering is an important social capital component. As Egypt moves towards launching development plans, there emerges the need to raise awareness of the significance of volunteering, which raises questions about the scope and scale of volunteering in Egypt, how far it develops and supports development efforts, and the prospects of volunteering regulation policies in Egypt. Civil Society and Volunteering Incubators

Dr. Israa Ali Dr. Israa Ali

Facing Challenges: Egypt’s Schemes to Save on Electricity and Energy

As economic difficulties intensify, several countries have pursued rationalization plans meant to alleviate the burdens on people’s shoulders. Egypt has decided to go the same path through a bunch of measures in energy and water. On 9 August Prime Minister Mustafa Madbouli announced the government's plan to rationalize the national consumption of energy and water. He explained that the government

Dr.Omar Alhosainy Dr.Omar Alhosainy

Human Rights in Egypt: Pragmatic Translation of Political Will

The Egyptian state adopted many of the recommendations of the UN Human Rights Council and has made great progress on several issues, most notably boosting women’s rights and empowering women in all aspects. The state implemented recommendations on violence against women by issuing legislation, new laws and embedding the principle of equality. It was also exemplary in strengthening the rights of

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