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Gradual Dismantling: Is Tunisia Headed Towards Dissolving Ennahda?

The imprisonment of some of Ennahda’s top and second-tier leaders, as well

Rehab El Ziyadi Rehab El Ziyadi

The India-Middle East-Europe Corridor: Political Drivers and Challenges

The United States has been planning for months to launch a regional

Shady Mohsen Shady Mohsen

Goals and Mechanisms: Integrating the Informal Economy into the Formal Economy

Although the informal sector contributes to the economy by producing goods and

Asmaa Refaat Asmaa Refaat

BRICS Plus and Africa: Challenges and Mutual Gains

Africa and the BRICS countries stand to gain from an expanded BRICS,

Heidi Al-Shafei Heidi Al-Shafei

Fifty Years On: The Realities of the October War (2)

Egypt’s victory in the 1973 October War was due to years of

Khaled Okasha Khaled Okasha

Enhancing Readiness: Germany Leads NATO Exercises in the Baltic Sea

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) has adopted a multi-pronged strategy to

Aya Abdel Aziz Aya Abdel Aziz

National Dialogue and the National Community

Building consensus among Egypt’s elite on major issues is essential for the

Dr. Mohamed Kamal Dr. Mohamed Kamal

Playing the Pressure Card: The Ramifications of Boosting US-Taiwan Economic Relations for China

Given the interconnection of US-Taiwan relations with those of China, any progress

asmaa fahmy asmaa fahmy

Fifty Years On: The Realities of the October War (1)

As the 50th anniversary of the October 1973 War approaches, how can

Khaled Okasha Khaled Okasha

Breaking Isolation: Sudan Following Al-Burhan’s Tours and Hemedti’s Initiative

Al-Burahn’s departure from the army General Command in Khartoum and Hemedit’s peace

Shaimaa Al-Baksh Shaimaa Al-Baksh

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