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Expanding Financial Inclusion in Egypt with InstaPay

With the global expansion of formal financial services, digital payments have experienced

Sally Ashour Sally Ashour

Marking the Day Egypt Restored Taba, and the Challenges Ahead

As a former member of the Taba Supreme National Committee (TSNC) who

Gen. Mohamed Eldewery Gen. Mohamed Eldewery

A Habitual Trend: Terrorist Organizations’ Exploitation of Natural Disasters

Understanding how natural disasters can influence terrorism is a crucial proposition in

Toqa Alnajaar Toqa Alnajaar

The World is Changing

Inertia is not the way of the world. Anyone who believes that

Dr. Hassan Abu Taleb Dr. Hassan Abu Taleb

Heated Competition: Syria’s Phosphate and Russian-Iranian Spheres of Influence

Phosphate in Syria has been a source of tension between major world

Bassant Gamal Bassant Gamal

Structural Causes of Economic Decline in South Africa

South Africa’s economy began to slow down between 2017 and 2019 before

Salah Khalil Salah Khalil

Reflecting on the Arab Regional System

Discussions over change and upheaval are usually followed by the emergence of

Dr. Abdel Moneim Said Dr. Abdel Moneim Said

A Gray Phase: Have the West and Iran Agreed on the Red Lines?

Negotiations between Iran and the West that took place between April 2021

Dr. Mohamed Abbas Nagy Dr. Mohamed Abbas Nagy

Imminent Challenges: Hunger and Global Food Security Disruption

Multiple challenges have stood in the face of numerous international efforts to

Asmaa Refaat Asmaa Refaat

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